Across the street from Joshua Worden’s front porch is the high school that Martin Luther King Jr. attended. Less than a block away is the house King grew up in. This is the neighborhood Worden calls home, the melting pot of southern culture that is Atlanta, Georgia. And it is a great source of inspiration for his music.

As a solo artist and producer, Worden writes, arranges, and records everything in his home studio, literally surrounding his creative process with the cultural mecca that is Atlanta. Perhaps that explains his sound: an original blend of indie R&B and alternative singer/songwriter, hip-hop beats and electronic production.

In college, Worden was a Jazz Guitar turned English Lit major. Most recently, he utilized his multi-instrumental prowess and literature knowledge to compose his newest creative endeavor, Into Fog (9/16/14). Chalked full of nimble instrumentals and peppered with electronic measures, this new album exhibits a “slow burn.” With poetic lyrics that get under your skin and stay there, it is clear that Worden has a background in literature. His appreciation for “the classic manly shit” - Hemingway, Bukowski, McCarthy, Crews - begets this contemplative album.

According to Worden, Into Fog is the most autobiographical work he has done to date. Though the album boasts an almost playful sound, its songs capture the deep idea that life is essentially ungraspable, always moving away, moving on. Says Worden, “This album is a sort of collection of moments and images. Pieces of my life. Moments that feel like they are constantly fading, receding into fog.”

Listening to Into Fog is like looking through a scrapbook of Worden’s life, catching quick glimpses into his memories. In “Twenty,” Worden shows us a snapshot of his 20-something self, spending his days on Jacksonville beaches. Populated with a funky hip-hop beat, the song paints the image of golden breezes, bench pressing, and a young boy with no common sense but a hungry love. The rainy city streets and wind chimes on the title track take us back to Worden’s teenage years and his late night wanderings with friends, roaming the midnight streets, smoking, and drinking malt liquor that they received from a ‘Hey Mister.’ A stark contrast of train noises introduce “Dark Horizon,” which illustrates the industrial hustle and bustle of city life, strongly resonating with those who love their urban nest.

Worden's live band consists of himself (vocals, keys, guitar, synth, samples) and Will Montgomery (drums, vocals, samples). Worden released his debut EP "The Withered Tree" in July of 2012 and his first full-length album, the daring and vulnerable "Always This," in June 2013. Worden continues promoting his passion for music on the wistful and introspective Into Fog.