Press Excerpts

“Marrow is an intimate, impossibly soulful and harmonic ballad that will bounce around your ears with slow and purposeful fury.”

— No Fillers

“The unabashedly vulnerable lyrics, subtle instrumentation and interweaving of voices slowly but surely lure you in, making for a disarming listen.”

— Indies and the Underground

“There is something about a multi-instrumentalist and producer who writes and sings their own songs that screams impressive.”

— Speaker Creatures

“Worden’s lyrical capabilities are among the strongest I’ve seen in a long time, being able to write from a personal place yet still leave it open for interpretation is a tricky task, and on Always This he did it flawlessly.”


“Has the ability to creep up on you, but in the best way ever.”

— Indie Shuffle

“Soulful and ethereal, Joshua Worden's music is polished with touches of quiet storm elements.”

— Examiner

“It only takes 20 seconds of Always This to know that you’re in for a treat.”

— Under the Gun

“Joshua Worden delivers an air of road worn smoothness to an otherwise new sound.”

— Copasetix

Press Shots


In his home recording studio, Joshua Worden feels at ease. Here, immersed in sounds of synth textures and drum sequences, he composes, searching for elusive melodies and head-bobbing beats. Songwriting for Worden is a meditative process and often a journey of self-discovery.

His signature multifaceted sound weaves smooth, hip-hop inspired beats with R&B, pop, trip-hop, and chillwave influenced melodies and harmonies. His evocative, imagistic lyrics draw upon singer-songwriter sensibilities.

At the dawn of a new decade, Joshua Worden is set to release more of his distinctive grooves.

Music brought Worden to Atlanta in 2012, where he launched his solo project with fierce determination. He released three full-length albums, gigging, touring and promoting them rigorously, building a dedicated fanbase. But by the release of his third album Into Fog in 2014, it was clear that the demanding nights on the road were not worth the tenuous rewards. He shifted his focus towards building a sustainable life.

It wasn’t until 2017 that he began releasing new material again in the form of three fully realized singles—"Tennessee,” “The Wonder,” and “Bivens Arm.” The life-building three-year hiatus afforded Worden a refreshed perspective and vigor. Recorded at his home studio in Atlanta, these visceral, atmospheric singles, are the fruit of a long, deeply introspective period.

His latest track “Tennessee”—a nostalgia-inducing song, enticingly textured by cascading guitar melodies, amidst imagery of the tree covered mountains of his youth—has resonated with listeners and gained attention from countless blogs and playlists.

Now in his mid-thirties, he has established a life where his artistic aspirations can coexist with a meaningful career in web design. “Some of the reasons I make music have simplified,” Worden says. “I don’t have a lot of the same pressures of worrying about, you know, ‘How is this going to be received? Is this going to be successful or not? What is this going to do for my music career?’ It’s more doing it for myself—discovering truths, figuring things out about life through music.”

Worden has an educational background in Jazz Guitar and English Literature. Over his twelve-year career, his prolific catalogue has earned critical acclaim and gained a substantial following.

Recently, Worden has been tucked away in his studio, uncovering new truths in a fresh batch of songs that promise to satisfy his current fans and attract new ones in the coming years.

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